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Waiting for rain

Ella eating yummy hay

Late summer is always a dry time here, but I have plentiful stocks of good hay to keep my animals happy and well-nourished until the green grass appears again with the rain.

We've had no useful rain for several months so any remaining pasture is bleached and dry and has no nutritional value. Hay cut in spring, however, retains all the nutrients my stock need - and apparently it's delicious too. My alpaca girls (pictured) are very pleased to see me arrive in the paddock with their hay rations for the day.  Matriarch Ella (close-up) always has an eye for the tastiest morsels and wastes no time staking her claim. They also get some green treats now and then as I prune fruit trees and do some summer shrub trimming.   Autumn brings some beautiful misty morning so far, but as soon as the rain arrives I'll start to see a green haze across these golden-brown paddocks.