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I'm Janys Davies -  a weaver with a passion for using ethically produced natural fibres and yarns in my individually designed pieces.  My own herd of eco-friendly alpacas provides most of my yarn, as well as the pleasure of knowing and caring for these delightful animals. The natural bushland on my farm also provides habitat for kangaroos, possums and a multitude of native birds and other small creatures. The birds are a wonderful source of colour inspiration for my dyeing and weaving - gorgeous parrots, honeyeaters and cheeky little blue wrens are plentiful in the garden around my house and studio.   

I come from a long line of crafty women - fibre, yarn and fabric are a "taken for granted" part of what we do. Knitting, crochet and sewing are all things I learned as a child from my mother and grandmother. My friend and craft mentor Alicia taught me to spin sheep's wool - which segued into keeping a small "hobby" flock of coloured sheep for many years while engaged in the serious business of working as a health professional.

I discovered the joys of alpacas and their divinely soft fibre when I acquired three mature wethers, (who became known as "The Uncles") to guard my small sheep flock at lambing time. Their inquisitive and gentle nature along with their gorgeous fleeces turned me into a serious alpaca fan, and I established my Indulgence breeding herd in 2004. 

Since retiring from my work in health care, I've extended my interests and skills with fibre and yarn. The dye pot is great fun - endless opportunities for vibrant or subtle colours to add to the natural range. A drum carder makes colour and fibre blending a pleasure.

My passion for weaving was ignited by the purchase of a small rigid heddle loom in 2010, and the love affair continues! My studio now contains a selection of  looms that give me scope to weave unique items with my home grown alpaca and other natural fibres.

I am a member of the Adelaide Hills Handspinners and Weavers Guild and teach workshops there from time to time. I've won a number of prizes for hand spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving at the Australian Alpaca Association National Show and the Royal Adelaide Show over the past fifteen years. I sell my work privately and at various markets.