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Playing with Jack

Black and white alpaca twill on loom

I'm having a great time playing with ever more complex weave structures on my Ashford Jack loom. 

This scarf in natural alpaca colours of black, cinnamon and  camel has a point threading on 8 shafts with a 46 pick treadling sequence.  I wouldn't even consider doing this on my table loom - too much scope for mistakes and it would take an age. Pressing one treadle with my foot does the same work as flipping three, four or five seperate levers by hand.


I have two more scarves to weave on this black warp.

I'd planned a flower pattern in ivory for the second piece, but once I had it underway I decided it did not work for this scarf - some of the floats were too long - so I did some reverse weaving. I then chose a completely different pattern of chevrons, alternating every 10cms or so to form diamonds at the change over. Very pleased with the look of this one, and the treadling sequence is delightfully straightforward. The flower pattern will be back in another piece. 

The last one will most likely be a black weft, with the interest coming from the texture rather than colour. 

These will form part of my new season Classic Naturals collection.